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Vivi's been busy...

September 4th

Live Previews!!!

  • Now you can preview your shows before Vivi applies her magic! 

Flip Books

  • These are really fun and a great client gift. You can include every. single. photo. (if you want)
  • and you can also make GIF's for your clients to share and include your name and logo at the bottom

Time Estimates

  • Needing to keep your shows under 1 minute for social media. Now you will see time estimates as you add photos to your show.

Sorting Options

  • Sort your photos by Date Created or Filename.

Select All

  • Especially handy when creating a Flip Book with 1000 photos. ;)

UI Updates

  • Just tidying up the barn here.

August 26th

Mobile App Live in the App Store (iOS & Android)

  • You can also send your photos straight to Vivi from your Passgallery.com mobile app.

Profile Refresh

August 7th

Digital Sample Albums are Here!

  • I'll let you in on a little secret.... shhhhhh.... this album doesn't exist! It was magically created.

July 15th

Video Wideo

  • You can now add video intros & outros
  • You can now create video collections and two unicorns are being trained to handle all the video magic.

Show Status

  • These are not cheesy "fast food" videos. They are the good stuff and good things take a little time but you can now see your video status and ETA inside your profile

June 27th

Edit your Videos

  • With Vivi it only takes 7 seconds of your time to create a new video but if you want a different song or a different order of your photos then you would have to start from scratch and those are 7 seconds you would never get back so we made it even faster.

June 21st

API Updates (powerful geeky updates)

  • Now Vivi can snuggle up with all of your favorite apps. Our first integration will be with Pass so you can summon Vivi right from the Pass app.
  • Single Pipeline - Now all shows are created within a single pipeline allowing for a buttery smooth experience from start to finish.

Faster Unicorns

  • By eliminating Elastic Transcoder the Unicorns can create your shows faster and make you happier.


  • Joy will now fade out the final image to create a more glorious ending to the show.


  • Small UI update to the watermark dropdown in the branding section just to make it prettier.

June 10th

UI Tweaks

  • Moved ability to search by date next to the search box.
  • "Subscribe" changed to "Upgrade"

May 29th

New Plans

  • Now you have the choice from our Free plan, Startup plan, Professional plan and our business plan.

High Resolution Portrait Videos

  • Now your portrait oriented videos will look as good as gold on every device.

Music Loop

  • For longer shows Audio will now loop instead of ending the show early.

Barn Cleanup

  • New prettier popups and graphics
  • Autoplay videos in Kits section when hovered
  • Calendar text and UI improvements
  • Remove janky blue footer from the app
  • Fixed issue with longer show lengths not returning correctly.

May 20th


  • All unicorns have been trained for music selection

Beat Matching

  • Select unicorns have been trained to sync your photos with the beat of the music (and more to come)

Show Shapes

  • All unicorns have been trained to create Portrait and Landscape oriented videos so Vivi can help you look snazzy on IG and FB stories.

Bug relocation - Unicorns don’t like bugs in the barn so we spent some time capturing these bugs and relocating them to the zoo.

  • Uploader showing white boxes? This was because of large photos (10MB+) being used but we've now beefed up the uploader to handle larger files.
  • Music not fading? Now the music will fade out at the end of all your shows.

May 15th

Autopilot Additions

  • Rider can now set the date for each show to be created for better scheduling
  • Rider can now engage multiple Autopilot sequences with the same unicorn and set of images.

Mobile App update!

  • Branding control
  • Autopilot controls
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Music options

New Walkthrough Wizard

  • For new unicorn riders and for experiend riders who just need a refresh. The new wizard will guide you through the barn.

May 3rd

200% Guarantee

  • We’ve never done anything like this but with all of the success stories we’re hearing like Kelsey Cody who booked 7 sessions within 48 hours of posting her video or Leo who is already booked up for the year thanks to Vivi so we’re willing to offer a 200% money back guarantee. If you use Vivi for a year and don’t see massive results we’ll give you twice your money back!


  • Vivi will auto-magically create new shows for you each day so you always have new content to post.

Social Media Calendar

  • Vivi will plan your biz-life and keep you up to date on the daily happenings.

Social Media Shows

  • Get insta-famous with these rockin new shows formatted perfectly for social media.

New Baby Unicorns

  • We have some new baby unicorns that are both sweet and sassy. Take a ride and pick your favorites.

OPS Online Personal Sales

  • IPS is great but imagine if you could get better results without needing a studio or space to meet in and without having to schedule a time that works to meetup. O.P.S - Online Personal Sales is the future! You have to see this to believe it.

New Mobile App

  • Summon Vivi to create a show for you from anywhere in the world and now you can engage Autopilot and she’ll deliver shows right to your phone automatically - every. single. day.

Longer Shows

  • After an intense fitness schedule several of the unicorns can now handle up to 40 images!

New Tunes

  • 30 new songs have been added to accompany your shows and new music has been getting served up daily!


  • 30 days of tips & tricks that will change your life but be careful. If you follow through on this challenge you’re going to be insta-famous and it might be tough to avoid the paparrazzi.

Profile remodel

  • Your new shiny profile allows for more personalized magic to happen. Checkout your new digs.

Desktop Notifications

  • When the magic has happened Vivi can notify you on your mobile app and your desktop.


  • You’re going to need a bigger purse (or man bag) to carry around all these unicoins.


  • We have the unicorns on daily training programs to improve their speed and strength.


  • Vivi didn't take up vaping but she did notice that everyone’s emails are kinda boring (sad unicorn face) so Vivi decided to make them awesome. Now you can add some magic to your emails with these e-signatures.




Sales Videos - Need help with O.P.S. (Online Personal Sales). Vivi's got your back.

Add Video - If you shoot a few video clips along with your photos then you're gonna love this.

Ping Dings - Schedule a show to be sent to someone on a given time. It’s kinda like a really epic Hallmark card.

New Baby Unicorns - Some beautiful new shows coming your way.